— —WPA-GO Digital Presence Request Form

If you would like your WPA-GO-related event or PSA to be communicated through the official WPA-GO Facebook timelines/groups and Twitter feeds, please use this request form.

Each post will be posted 2 months out, 1 month out, 2 weeks out, 1 week out, 3 days out, and on deadline, depending on when the post was given.

Posts may not go out on the same day that they are requested as a queue will be formed through this request system and a maximum of one post will be made per day.

You are welcome to repost or retweet WPA-GO’s official communication about your event with whatever frequency you desire on your personal social networking sites.  It is recommended that you reply to our official communication as replying to WPA-GO’s official communication improves the algorithm that keeps the post/tweet in the feeds of others and concentrates the message.

If you have any questions, or if you don’t see your post within 3-5 days, please contact Kelly Moreland, Chair of the Digital Presence Committee, at morelak@bgsu.edu.

Link to Google Form: