CWPA 2018 Sponsored Panels

Be sure to attend following Mentoring Strands-sponsored panels at CWPA 2018 in Sacramento:

“Mentoring for Resilience: Cultivating Wily WPA Identities”

Jaquelyn Davis, University of Nevada, Reno
Brendan Hawkins, Florida State University
Sarah Snyder, Arizona State University
Greer Murphy, Claremont Graduate University
Troy Mikanovich, Claremont Graduate University

Abstract: In this interactive panel, participants will explore the role of resilience in WPA work and consider how WPAs develop the ability to thrive in shifting, uncertain contexts. Participants will share perspectives about resilience and ideas about how to deliberately incorporate an attention to resilience in our mentoring practices.

Peer Mentoring as Innovation: Building Networked Relationships as gWPAs”

Alison Moore, University of Nevada, Reno
A. Eric Lehman, University of Nevada, Reno
Kelly Moreland, Bowling Green State University
Sarah Snyder, Arizona State University
Lourdes Fernandez, George Mason University
Sara Austin, Bowling Green State University

Abstract: The panelists will share experiences as part of already established peer mentoring networks and/or benefits and challenges of building peer mentoring networks as gWPAs. Panelists will work with attendees to brainstorm ways to foster peer mentoring at their institutions.

Professionalization Across the Grad School Career: Preparing for the Job Market at Every Stage of Your Program”

Cristine Busser, University of Central Arkansas
Jessica Ulmer, Midlands Technical College/Texas Tech University
Celeste Del Russo, Rowan University
Andrew Winslow, U.S. Army Intelligence Center of Excellence Writing Program
Maria Conti, University of Arizona

Abstract: Graduate students at any stage will learn about steps they can take now to prepare themselves for the job market. This mentoring-based, workshop-oriented session helps participants identify relevant graduate school experiences for various career goals and envision how they might tailor applications for a range of employment opportunities.

Future CWPA Panel Suggestions

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