Travel Awards

The WPA-GO is proud to support innovative and exciting graduate student scholarship and participation at academic conferences.

WPA-GO Travel Grants believes that attending CWPA helps graduate students get to know each other and scholars outside of their own institution. Conference attendance allows graduate studentsespecially those of us from smaller programs, or programs where composition boasts only a small cohortto broaden their frame of reference. We also hope that funding travel will support the mission of WPA-GO and will help more graduate students to meet and learn from each other.

Eligibility & Special Considerations:

To be eligible to apply, applicants must:

  • Be current graduate students enrolled in a master’s or doctoral program at an accredited institution;
  • Be members of the Council of Writing Program Administrators by June of current year (for information about how to join CWPA, go to;
  • Not have received a WPA-GO CWPA’s travel grant in the previous year.


While the timeline differs slightly each year, in general, the deadline for submitting an application will be after the deadline for CWPA proposals. This allows everyone to focus upon the CWPA proposal first, and then apply for a travel award. Please Note: travel awards are NOT linked to proposals, nor do you have to propose for the conference in order to be eligible for a travel award.

Click to see the Current Call for Applications and the Application Form, as well as learn more about the Application Process and hear about our Testimonials and Past Winners.