Testimonials and Past Winners

Our WPA-GO members are doing fabulous work, and travel grants is proud to support their scholarship and to grow the community. Attending CWPA and receiving a travel award impact students in various ways–they talk about the excitement of a first time conference presentation, the impact of mentorship and community, and the importance of scholarly community and sharing work.

But let them tell you about what participating in CWPA and meeting other GO members was like!


Meet Maddy Crozier, who reflects upon attending and presenting at CWPA for the first time.
Meet Jessie Ulmer, who talks about how attending CWPA gives her access to mentorship and “meeting her people.”
Annica Cox talks about being a graduate student and the importance of talking with other scholars and feeling supported in her scholarship.

Past Travel Award Winners:

2018: Leah Heilig (Texas Tech University), Madeline Crozier (Depaul University), Jessica Ulmer (Texas Tech University), and Annica Cox (Michigan State University)

2016: Brad Jacobsen (University of Arizona), Kendon Kurzer (University of California-Davis), Madelyn Tucker Pawlowski (University of Arizona), and Bridget Fullerton and Jenna Morton-Aiken (co-winners, University of Rhode Island)

2015: Dan Kenzie, Jamilla Kareem, Jessica Philbrook, Norma A. Aceves, and Ruth Osario